COED prof presents innovative teaching tool in US confab

August 28, 2017

A professor of the College of Education presented an innovative teaching tool that she designed along with her classroom-based research at the 37th Annual International Critical Thinking Conference in Sonoma State University, Rhonert Park, Califoria, USA.

Dr. Gladys Mangiduyos explained that she had submitted a classroom-based research using the RHDA [pronounced “rada”] which was accepted, resulting in her being invited to the US conference

She said the international community paid attention to her research for providing a simple tool to strengthen the reading skill of learners.

 “Seven years ago, critical thinking cultivation started here at the College of Education [and] this is the third time the college has joined the International Critical Thinking Conference. Practically, we have enriched the pedagogical approach in reading and critical thinking,” she said.

Mangiduyos was the only Filipino in the conference to present a paper.

“I take pride that Wesleyan University-Philippines is as one institution among many in the whole world presenting a critical thinking tool which is RHDA,” she said.

Mangiduyos has been giving lecture-workshops on critical thinking and authored a worktext for Grade 12 entitled “Trends, Networks, and Critical Thinking in the 21st Century”. ###