Two computer profs certified as Microsoft educators

August 3, 2017


Two professors of the College of Engineering and Computer Technology have been recognized as Certified Educators for Technology Literary by the computer software giant, Microsoft.

The certification received by Profs. Alison Ignacio and Christopher Joy Dugtong, implies that they are literate in global technology and can provide students with an education that combines technology and learning in the classroom.

Ignacio said, “As a Microsoft-certified educator, I will utilize all available resources to facilitate effective learning and engage students with 21st Century advancements.”

He also encouraged everyone engaged in technology literacy, especially teachers, to facilitate learning in a more interactive and effective way.

“I’m much honored and slightly pressured that I should apply all the skills that I acquired within the expectations of the Microsoft community,” he said.

Dugtong, for his part, said he was opened to many ideas. He said the pedagogical strategies gave him different ideas in tackling different scenarios inside the classroom and how to integrate them in tertiary education.

“Being certified also helps me to better understand my students to better care for their needs in the classroom setting,” he said.

The certifications issued last August 2 was signed by Satya Nadella, Microsoft chief executive officer.

Ignacio and Dugtong followed the step of Dr. Randy Sansait who received a similar Microsoft certification last year. ###