Wesleyanians Run for a Cause

March 02, 2020

In celebration of WU-P’s 74th Founding Anniversary, Wesleyanians, including students, employees, parents, and alumni join a run for a cause dubbed as “Run for Love”. Participants gathered at the Wesleyan grounds at four o’clock dusk, began the not-so-cold and exciting wait, and received instructions from the organizers.

Part of the activity was passing through a shower of cold water gently sprayed from the truck of the Cabanatuan City Fire Station personnel who also joined the fun.

Hot coffee and soup were served at the Plaza Acacia after the fun run, followed by Praise and Worship.

Proceeds of the “Run for Love” will be used to start the Critical Thinking Center and to help fund the restoration of the University Chapel.

The wait. Participants anticipate the thrill of being sprayed with cold water from the fire truck.

Fun and excitement is heightened by a shower of cold water during the run.

Wearing the love color, participants start their steps for a 3-kilometer run in the city. Proceeds of the run goes to the construction of the Wesleyan Chapel and Critical Thinking Center.

Praise and worship followed after the run.