Wesleyan opens campus to public

February 10, 2020

Wesleyan Open House commences today as part of the highlights of the 74th Founding Anniversary Celebration. This event features college and high school students’ projects and research outputs and the opening of a mini museum.

The College of Engineering and Computer Technology showcases researches such as Forest Alarm System and Tracking (FAST), Smart Insole Monitoring System (SIMS), and i-Crop, among others.

FAST is a devise used to track forest fire and puts it off, if it can, but immediately and quickly reports it to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) if it is a big one and beyond its capacity to control.

SIMS is a devise connected to a pair of footwear; it monitors heartbeat and records heart rate. This can be worn by people who have heart diseases and by anybody who wants to gather heart rate data for medical purposes. According to the Engineering students who conducted the research, this devise can also be worn by people when performing various forms of physical exercise.

i-Crop is a controlled indoor cultivation of rice by providing an environment that would enable higher yield and quality of rice. Since it is grown indoor, the rice plant grows healthy and safe because it uses organic fertilizers and zero application of pesticides on the plant.

College of Arts and Sciences opens at the Masscom laboratory a mini museum where unique items that show the history and development of Wesleyan University-Philippines are displayed for the public. The preservation of the Wesleyan’s past is also embodied in big conspicuous canvass paintings of all the past presidents of WUP and other items culled from the archives of Wesleyan.  CAS museum invites the community to a flashback into the early beginnings of the university in an audio-visual presentation produced by Mass Communication students. Further, candid moments caught by students’ cameras as part of their photography course are also showcased in the museum.

Junior High School department welcomes visitors from the community and from other schools in the city to take a peep of their air-conditioned, clean and orderly classrooms. The new Senior High School building stands very proudly and high like the hopes and dreams of the students who are housed here. Large classrooms are open for everyone to discern and feel how it is to be a senior high school student in a fully air-conditioned classroom.

Junior High School classrooms are open to the public today, February 10, 2020, on the occasion of WUP’s 74th Founding Anniversary Celebration.

The Masscom laboratory is converted into a mini museum for the Open House today, February 10, 2020, to accommodate visitors from the community

Masscom laboratory displays photographs by Mass Communication students

Visitors of the Mini Musem as they view large canvass paintings of WUP’s past presidents

Robots created by students of the College of Engineering and Computer Technology are displayed in an Open House at Wesleyan University-Philippines on the occasion of its 74th Founding Anniversary Celebration.

Engineering students’ research outputs, Forest Alarm System and Tracking (FAST), Smart Insole Monitoring System (SIMS), i-Crop, and many more are on display at the JJD Auditorium lobby.