WU-P High School Dept. holds SC elections

September 12, 2019

Wesleyan University-Philippines High School Department held the Student Council Election for school year 2019-2020 on September 11, 2019.

With two competing party's, Legit and Abante, for Junior High and Padayon and Sandiwa for Senior High student council positions, a series of campaign stints and a miting de avance were held before the election day.

Shortly after the voting process using computerized election method, the winners were declared. Legit party got a straight win to fill in the positions for the JHS student council.

On the other hand Padayon got the upper hand with eight of their candidates winning the polls, while Sandiwa got the other seven remaining positions for SHS student council.

The new set of Student Council Officers are as follows:

Junior High School

John Francis D. Pontagon, JHS Governor

Farrah V. Payawal, JHS Vice Governor

Shane Beatrize P. Oltiveros, JHS Secretary

Aliyah Colmyrr D. Pascual, JHS Treasurer

Christian James A. Vidad, JHS Auditor

Joshua D. Rosales, JHS PIO

Vixen Joachim C. Reguyal, JHS Sgt. at Arms

John Gabriel C. Mendi, JHS Business Manager

Princess Pauline P. Cordero, Grade 10 Mayor

Abegail F. Valles, Grade 9 Mayor

Jasmine Dianne Garcia, Grade 8 Mayor

Jose Von Jacob A. Ilagan, Grade 7 Mayor

Senior High School

Joshua David Bariuan, SHS Governor

Loreine Arriola, SHS Vice Governor

Keight Danielle R. Panotes, SHS Secretary

Anne Margarette B. Manalad, SHS Treasurer

Jan Allysa B. San Pedro, SHS Auditor

Jianna Diaz, Grade 11 PRO

Emmanuelle Poblador, Grade 12 PRO

Ralph Jerome T. Yu, Grade 11 Business Manager

Gavin Villaroman, Grade 12, Business Manager

Daiki Hkamata, Grade 11 ABM Representative

Kyle Saira D. Dator, Grade 12, ABM Representative

Lance Stephen Adones, Grade 11 HUMSS/GAS Representative

Andrea Diaz, Grade 12 HUMSS/GAS Representative

Tashana Dela Cruz, Grade 11 STEM Representative

Nicole Ortile, Grade 12 STEM Representative