WU-P OEP welcomes New Coords, sets 5-year Dev Plan

September 10, 2019

Wesleyan University-Philippines Office for Extension Program welcomed a new set of extension program coordinators for an enriched and more productive community engagement this school-year.

Dr. Juanito Leabres, Jr., Extensions Director, named a few of OEP’s priorities this year: Enhancement of the Extension Program Policy, Revisit of the WU-P Extension Manual integrating unique Wesleyanian principles on all extension and outreach activities, Impact Analysis of completed extension programs, and setting of a road map for a new 5-year development plan.

He said that the programs he implemented for the past year as Director of the OEP (formerly Wesleyan Extension and Community Program) were contained in the 2014-2019 Five-year Development Plan which has just ended last school-year.

Dr. Leabres said that he sees a silver lining in all its planned extension activities this year with the help of the different coordinators representing all units of the University.