APE scheduled April and May

March 15, 2019

WU-P Medical and Dental Clinic is looking forward to a hundred percent WU-P employee availment of the Annual Physical Examination (APE).

According to Dr. Christian M. Salazar, University Physician, all WU-P employees who are holders of the WUPCARE health care card should undergo the APE which is scheduled in April and May. A series of laboratory tests: Complete Blood Count (CBC), Urinalysis, Fecalysis, Chest X-ray, and ECG will be conducted. Results of these tests, together with a letter of authority (LOA) issued by the WUPCARE office will be brought along by every employee upon consultation with his WUPCARE-accredited physician. Any necessary additional laboratory tests to be conducted shall be requested by the employee’s attending physician.

Female employees may also undergo PAP Smear test. The result of which shall be consulted with any of the following accredited Ob-Gynecologists:

Dr. Noreen Nieves

Dr. Graciela Fuentes

Dr. Dhonna Shiela Baterina

Dr. Armina Isidro

Dr. Salazar said that his office must be provided with a duplicate copy of all test results, diagnosis, and requests for file of employees’ health record and for other necessary references.

Meanwhile, Dr. Salazar cautions the Wesleyan community of the common illnesses like sore eyes, measles, chicken pox, and fever, which attack people, especially children during the hot season. Dr. Salazar gave this timely reminder since summer is fast approaching. He said it is wise for parents to visit their children’s pediatricians and have their young ones receive the necessary vaccines. ####