Senior High School Palaro 2018 Kicks off

December 10, 2018

Wesleyan University-Philippines Senior High School Department held its Palaro 2018 with the theme “Fight for your tribe” at WU-P gymnasium on December 10, 2018.

The event of the Senior High School students kicked off with six teams representing six tribes competing for the top spot.

The ceremonial torch lighting and oath of sportsmanship highlighted the event. The yells of the “Iraya, Subanon, Taalandig, Teduray, Tumandok, and Yakan” tribe echoed at the gymnasium during the opening program.

Beauty and wit of SHS students flaunted at the Lakan and Lakambini ng Palakasan promenaded. The contestants exhibited not only sports attire, but also head dresses inspired by the tribe they represent. The Lakan and Lakambini ng Palakasan was followed by the Dance Sports competition.

The strong connection of the Teduray tribe with one another made their way to be champions in the Yell and Dance Sports competitions. The faith of the Tumandok tribe triumphed in the Lakan Palakasan. The ingenuity of the Iraya tribe gratified the judges to raise the tribe’s representative in Lakambini ng Palakasan 2018.