WU-P Social Work student goes to Osaka Japan

December 06, 2018

Erizelle Padiernos is a Social Work student of Wesleyan University-Philippines who was sent to Izumisano City and Nara Prefecture, Osaka, Japan on August 16, 2017 to represent the university as well as the Philippines in the 5th Asia Youth Summit.

The Japan Asian Association and Asian Friendship Society were the institutions that facilitated the 5th Asia Youth Summit with the theme “Let’s create and innovate a project good for your community!” The summit also aimed to develop the economically, environmentally, and socially revitalized community that thrives.

According to Erizelle, representing WU-P in Japan is such an honor for her not just because she was able to travel to another country for free but also because she was more than proud to represent Wesleyan. She was able to experience some of the Japanese culture, meet and befriend different people from other Asian countries.

Being the delegate not only of WU-P but also the Philippines, Erizelle felt nervous. Nevertheless, the support she got from her family, friends, the COED family especially Dr. Erlinda Mones, Prof. Susan Bustamante, Prof. Eloisa Roque her coordinator, and mentors help her gain confidence.

“I was able to let Wesleyan University-Philippines be known to other countries in Asia and proudly tell them the beauty and uniqueness of my country, the Philippines. I was able to show them that my school has been educating its students on how they can contribute to the society’s, transformation and development,” Erizelle proudly mentioned.

Language barriers did not stop Erizelle from representing the Philippines and Wesleyan University-Philippines. Rather, she showed how well-natured and friendly Filipinos are even to other culture not her own.