UN Celebration @ WU-P Elementary Dept.

November 9, 2018

Wesleyan University-Philippines Elementary and SHARE Department celebrated United Nations Day at the university auditorium on November 9, 2018.

Little Wesleyanians represented different countries by wearing the national costumes of Netherlands, China, Germany, Egypt, Canada, Indonesia, Columbia, Italy, and Switzerland.

 In the opening prayer, Mrs. Happy M. Ramos said “This means peace and collaboration with other countries no more war but instead we should always love and respect on another; may we not only remember and celebrate this today but pass this to our next generation”.

As the event proceeded the chairman of the UN Day celebration Ms. Leila M. Delos Reyes gave her opening remarks and stressed that “the essence of this activity is the promotion of good relationship not only in our country but also with peoples of other countries”.

The candidates for Mr. and Ms. United Nations primary and intermediate category flaunted their costumes. The winners are as follows:


Female                                                                                   Male

1st Place: Jillian W. Santos                                                             1st Place: Andrei Miguel Valmeo

2nd Place: Martie Cyrille S. Dela Vega                                       2nd Place: Jan Charliemagne D. Pontigon

3rd Place: Alexa Irish Zia Mandia                                                 3rd Place: Clarence Dave T. Medina



Female                                                                                   Male

1st Place: Frianne Chille Reyes                                                     1st Place: John Kennedy P. Austria

2nd Place: Via Celine P. Bay-an                                                    2nd Place: James Cruz

3rd Place: Raven Danielle G. Antolin                                         3rd Place: Kyle Rafael E. Castillo