Wesleyan University-Philippines joins YMCA Provincial Academic Olympics; wins golds

November 07, 2018

Wesleyan University-Philippines participates in the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Provincial Academic Olympics annual activities and believes in the association’s aim to put Christian principles into practice by developing a healthy "body, mind, and spirit".

This year Wesleyan students bagged golds in the YMCA Provincial Academic Olympics held at the Youth Development Center in Cabanatuan City on November 7, 2018. The results are as follows:

Champion: Jerlan Dy (11 HUMSS-3), Vocal Solo

Champion: Janis Emmanuelle Espejo (11 HUMSS-1) and John Paul Isaac Bautista (11 STEM-5), Vocal Duet

Champion: Simoun Ivan Garbriel Enrique (12 ABM -5), Cammile Antonio (12 ABM-2), Jan Rassel De Leon (12 HUMSS-1), Trev Zyrus Ilagan (12 STEM-4), Jasmine Chique Agor (12 STEM-7), and Chelsea De Guzman (12 STEM-5), Folk Dance (Contemporary Traditional)

Champion: Precious Berdolaga (12 HUMSS-1), Jan Henry Bote (12 STEM-1), and Julbert Wesley Pascua (11 HUMSS-1), Team Bible Quiz Bee

Champion: Giana Marin (12 HUMSS-1), Extemporaneous Speaking

2nd Place: Anna Patricia Adiaz (12 HUMSS-1), Essay English

2nd Place: Syreen Kieth Vigilia (12 HUMSS-1), Oration

3rd Place: Jesus Gil Rebong (12 HUMSS-1), On-the-Spot Drawing

3rd Place: Lindci Grace Licay (11 ABM-2), Rariel Joshua Policarpio (11 STEM-2), and Rachelle Samin (11 HUMSS-1), Team Quiz Bee


Vocal Solo: Mr. John Cerubin M. Canoza

Vocal Duet: Mr. John Cerubin M. Canoza

Folk Dance (Contemporary Traditional): Mr. John Cerubin M. Canoza

Team Bible Quiz Bee: Ms. Carol C. Santos

Extemporaneous Speaking: Ms. Jiezel V. Alcantara

Essay English: Ms. Mia Lie B. Lalantacon

Oration: Ms. Jiezel V. Alcantara

On-the-Spot Drawing: Ms. Jiezel V. Alcantara

Team Quiz Bee: Ms. Marivie Espino