University Clinic, City Health Office investigate mumps cases

March 8, 2018


The University Clinic along with the Cabanatuan City Health Office and the Elementary Department staff investigated the escalating number of confirmed cases of mumps and other viral diseases in Wesleyan.

Recorded mumps cases included 14 Grade 4 and 11 Grade 6 pupils.

Though a wall-to-wall disinfection had been conducted, Prof. Cristy Fernando, principal of the Elementary Department, handed out information pamphlets to pupils to help in stopping the spread of diseases.

Meanwhile, University Physician Dr. Christian Salazar recommended that parents review their children’s vaccination histories.

The spread of the disease was through air and since it has an incubation period, it could be traced to interactions with infected pupils.

The City Health Office responded to this by saying that mumps is self-limiting and reminded pupils to remain cautious of their surroundings to prevent the further spread of disease. ###

[Written by Aesha Kirsten A. Marcelo. Photos by Athina C. Bales.]