Wesleyan community honors founder of Methodism

February 21, 2018


University officials led the Wesleyan community in honoring the memory of the founder of Methodism by offering a wreath at his monument at the John Wesley Park last February 21.

The ceremony opened the 72nd Founding Anniversary of Wesleyan University-Philippines.

Present at the rite were University President Pacfico B. Aniag and his wife Alice; members of the Board of Trustees led by its chairperson, Dr. Glenn Roy V. Paraso; and administrative and academic heads, faculty, staff and students.

Wesley was known for his philosophy “Do good, do no harm, and stay in love with God” on which the University anchors its values and beliefs.

Rev. Dr. Homer Wesley Refuerzo, dean of the Wesley Divinity School, read a short biography of founder of Methodism.

“John Wesley was known for two things: co-founding Methodism and for his tremendous work ethic. He was driven to serve God. He travelled by land through horseback or carriage and when the road was inaccessible for any means of transportation, he walked in order to reach his mission field. Wesley logged more than 4,000 miles a year and preached more than 40,000 sermons in his life,” Refuerzo said.

“The experience of John Wesley in February 1709 made an impression that was never to leave him. He described himself in later life as ‘a brand plucked out of the burning, and was convinced that it was all God’s doing, that he must have a destiny for him to fulfill,” he said.

Rev. Dr. Fernando Bawan said, “The scope of Wesley’s influence was enormous. By any standards, Wesley was one of the great lives of all time. He influenced not simply the church but a nation. More than one historian has claimed that he saved Britain from a bloody revolution such as engulfed France. And yet he did bring a revolution to many—a revolution of love. The afternoon before his death, unable to say very much, he cried out, ‘The best of all is God is with us!’” ###