HR Director Pascua to midyear grads: ‘Trust, a factor for career success’

January 26, 2018


Some 120 candidates for graduation listened to the message of Wesleyan Human Resources and Development chief, Dr. Abraham Pascua, during the First Semester, Academic Year 2017-18 Commencement Exercises held last January 26 in the University Gymnasium.

In his speech, Pascua emphasized the “often forgotten factor for career success”, advising the graduates to find employers who can trust them -- ithen build on that trust.

“Make your employer think and feel that he has made a wise decision in hiring you by fulfilling your responsibilities, or better yet, exceed his expectations.”

He cautioned the graduates, though, that they could also undermine that trust.

“Years of hard earned reputation can be undermined by a few minutes of foolishness,” he said. ###