Wesleyanians prevail in YMCA Provincial Academic Olympics

November 4, 2017

The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) declared Wesleyan University-Philippines as the overall champion in the Provincial Academic Olympics last November 4 at the YMCA Youth Development Center in Cabanatuan City.

The winners in the collegiate, senior high school, junior high school, and elementary categories  will be advancing to the regional competition on November 18 and 19.

The winning Wesleyanians were:

Elementary Level: Team Quiz Bee champions Roan Alleah Palacio, Lyndon Gregory Lucas, and Aaron Jan Estrada; Bible Quiz Bee 2nd placers Aliana Joy Singian, Lancelot Ramos, and Raphael Fajardo; Tula 2nd placer Francine Clarenze Ortiz; Vocal Solo champion Khyle Dominic Casimiro; and Group Dance 3rd placers Christian James Vidad, Meerho Vegiga, Jhulia, Amor Marquez, Athea Chantal Pineda, Cheska Danao, and Lennice Althea Umali.

Junior High School Level: Oration 3rd placer - Ralph Jerome Yu; Extemporaneous Speaking 2nd placer - Mystro Yushi Fujii; Team Quiz Bee 4th placers Vera Nadeshna Eseo, Mhark Reniel Cudal, and Noriel Joy Embudo; Bible Quiz Bee 4th placers Renz Bryan Bautista, Jireh Duplon, and Jam Kia Almonte; Vocal Duet 2nd placers Ellen Joy Lubaton, and Lance Pineda; and Modern Hiphop champions Marielle Valdez, Anne Honeylette Monce, Katrina Diego, Jusztene Buan, Kirsten Maitim, and Jihun Ha.

Senior High School Level: Vocal Solo 2nd placer Julienne Renee Diona; Vocal Duet champions Sarah Caberto, and Maruell Cuyo; On-the-Spot Drawing 2nd placer Julia Escultero; Essay English 2nd placer Angie Lynne Salonga; Oration champion Giana Marin; Extemporaneous Speaking champion Cher Leonore Desiderio; Team Quiz Bee champions Lizerie Cristobal, Jewel San Pedro, and Caitlin Ann Sopongco; Team Bible Quiz 3rd placers Fatima Joy Abellano, Grace Licup, and Norreen Delfin; and Folk Dance champions Kyle Yvonne Martin, Tj Lou Escuadro, Rod Vincent Corpuz, Dustin Medina, Mark Wilson Mendillo, and Jan Henry Bote.

College Level: Essay Writing champion Nathaniell Capinpin; Extemporaneous Speaking champion Jayne Andrada; Oration champion Philip Rafael Siwa; Bible Quiz Bee champions Levie Vidad, Christopher Ferrer, and Gionelle Valler; Team Quiz Bee champions Nicole Tadeo, James Viray, and Von Charlo Garcia; and Vocal Duet champions Marvin Bulanadi and Aira Rein Villa. ###