Wesleyan Curriculum Summit slated

November 10, 2017


Wesleyan University-Philippines, in partnership with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Regional Office III, will conduct a curriculum summit on November 16 and 17 at the University campus.

The activity, to be held in connection with CHED Regional Consultative Conference with higher education institutions held last October 9, aims to keep a total of 290 participants abreast of the shift in the higher education system in the country and familiarize themselves with new pertinent CHED memoranda orders in preparation for School Year 2018-2019 when the first batch of  K to 12 graduates will   enter the University.

Invited to attend the summit to update and augment the Wesleyan tertiary curricula of the different colleges including the Graduate School and the School of Law, are academic heads, faculty, staff, alumni, student leaders, parents and industry partners.

Keynoting the first day of the summit will be Lora L. Yusi, chief education program specialist of CHED Regional Office III, who will discuss the topic “Confronting the issues and challenges in the higher education landscape”.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Leonita P. Garcia will brief the participants on the rationale and expectations of the event while College of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael P. Fronda, chair of the summit, will give an overview of the new General Education courses.

Simultaneous break-out sessions will be held by the 10 different Wesleyan colleges and their stakeholders in the afternoon of the first day and the morning of the following day.

 Outputs of the break-out sessions, specifically the various curriculum and syllabi , will be presented during the afternoon session of the last day of the summit. ###