Wesleyan, WUPFSA ink compromise agreement

September 27, 2017


The Wesleyan administration amicably settled labor disputes with the University union, WUP Faculty and Staff Association (WUPFSA), with the formal signing of a compromise agreement between University President Pacifico B. Aniag and the union president, Prof. Eufemia Ayro, at the President’s Office last September 27

Lawyer and John Wesley School of Law Dean JV Bautista said he had recommended to the Board of Trustees to enter into an amicable settlement with the union instead of going through the arbitration process.

“If we go through the arbitration process maybe one party will lose and one will win. We wanted to find a middle ground so that both parties will win. And thankfully, after a thorough consultation with the University President, we were able to craft a draft compromise agreement wherein the university exercises a high degree of generosity and magnanimity towards the union,” he explained

“That approved compromise agreement was submitted last September 29 to the voluntary arbitrator, ADA Darrow Otsey. He is the voluntary administrator at the National Conciliation and Mediation Board, San Fernando, Pampanga. He approved the compromise agreement and therefore that now becomes the decision of the case. Both parties have mutually agreed to abide by the contents of the compromise agreement so it ended up very happily for both,” Bautista said.

He pointed out that the agreement has created an atmosphere of industrial peace and harmony.

“A compromise agreement would open the doors to further settlement of other cases which are pending before the University management and the labor union, WUPFSA... There are still some pending controversies between the university administration and the union. Maybe they are a little bit harder to solve but we are now in the process to trying to solve them,” Bautista said. ###