Vision, Mission, The Wesleyan Graduate, and Core Values


By 2024, WU-P is a Methodist institution of learning that fosters academic excellence, innovative research, transformative leadership, environmental stewardship, and health care services at par with global standards imbued with social holiness.


Wesleyan University-Philippines provides quality education and compassionate health care services imbued with Wesleyan spirituality, to produce competent graduates committed to the healing of persons and the whole of creation for the Glory of God.

Core Values


We promote high academic standards carried out by highly capable faculty members and employees in equipping the students and the WU-P communities with cutting-edge knowledge and skills and the refinements of the liberal arts responsive to development.


We empathize with and endeavor to respond to the needs of the community we serve.


We nurture the spirit of harmony through mutual respect and understanding, in our efforts at fellowship and building community.


We manifest that education is both brilliance and character, which is is the acquisition of wisdom anchored on social holiness and teachings of Jesus Christ.


We assume full responsibility for all our decisions, actions, and their consequences. We demonstrate stewardship in utilizing resources and integrity in fulfilling our roles and capacities as models of servant stewardship.

The Wesleyan Graduate

The WU-P graduate embodies global competitiveness, servant leadership, uncompromised integrity, and a compassionate heart; nurtured in the Wesleyan tradition, s/he is ready to serve as an effective agent of change in a dynamic society.