Support for the Handicapped and Their Rehabilitation through Education (SHARE) is a program aimed at integrating the hearing-impaired children and youth of Cabanatuan City and the nearby communities into the mainstream of education by providing special elementary and high school education for them.

It provides opportunities for the hearing impaired to develop basic skills in reading, writing and fundamental arithmetic. They are also guided towards better understanding of themselves and of their environment through a sequence of activities that not only facilitate their adjustment but also enable them to become aware of their roles as citizens.

SHARE also offers courses on special communication techniques and initiates training activities not only for the hearing impaired but also for their parents and significant other relations to ensure more systematic line of communication and harmonious relationship.

It also ventured into providing empowerment to their graduates who do not have the capacity to enter college. In 2004, it established the program Skills Empowerment for the Employment of the Deaf or SHARE-A-SEED.

At present, trained SHARE graduates act as the facilitators for the incoming deaf and other disabled persons who want to get trainings on Practical Dental Technology, a special curriculum made for this purpose.

This program aims to provide interested SHARE alumni first hand information in denture making under the tutelage of Rev. Dr. Jonathan M. Salting.