Graduate School

The Wesleyan University-Philippines Graduate School, which was opened in 1952 and re-activated anew in 1968, is committed to promote relevant and world-class education to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Its goal is to uplift the quality of life through relevant research studies, quality instruction, socio-civic-cultural community extension services/ outreach projects, and environmental protection, preservation and conservation programs which are in line with and attuned to local, provincial, regional, and national development goals and global concerns.

The Wesleyan Graduate School, being the apex of the educational ladder of the University, envisions taking a lead role in terms of meaningful and scholarly research, innovative thrusts and strategies, and viable outreach programs.

Guided by the general philosophy of the University, as well as by the regional and national development goals, the main objectives of the Graduate School are to facilitate efforts towards personal and professional development and enhance moral and spiritual vigour for the development of the total person. It aims to extend the frontiers of knowledge through research to attain academic excellence and leadership in the fields of education, social science, technology, nursing, Theology, criminology and business administration.

The Graduate School offers the following Level III re-accredited programs: Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) majors in Educational Management and Educational Supervision; Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed.) majors in Educational Leadership and Supervision, English, Educational Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Filipino, Mathematics, Curriculum Development, Home Economics, Guidance and Counseling, Non-Formal Education, Social Studies, Science Education, Values Education; Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.), and Master of Arts in Nursing (M.A.N.). Further, other graduate school courses are being offered, such as the Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration, Master of Divinity in Missiology, Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Education, Master in Hospital Administration, and Master of Arts in Sociology.

The Graduate School also boasts of its finely equipped and fully trained professors who are holders of Doctor of Education, Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Arts degrees.