College of Nursing and Allied Medical Sciences

Wesleyan University-Philippines is aware of the ever-increasing problems of inadequate delivery of healthcare services in the country, problems aggravated by lack of manpower to do the job and the continued exodus of trained personnel abroad which resulted in the brain drain of nurses.

Cognizant of this institution, the college embarked on a very relevant project of helping develop communities. Through the leadership of its president, Dr. Gloria D. Lacson, who was herself a nurse and the former Dean of Philippine Christian University (PCU) – Mary Johnston College of Nursing, the university initiated the opening of College of Nursing to address the inadequacy in this discipline. The college envisioned to develop nurses who would cater to the needs of the population to be community-oriented and effective participants to national development.

By virtue of a permit granted by the Bureau of Private Education in August 31, 1973, the College of Nursing of, then, Philippine Wesleyan College came into being with Mrs. Violeta I. Veneracion as its first dean and with initial enrollment of 46 students from all over the province.

The College of Nursing is an integral part of the University, and functions according to the philosophy and purposes of the institution. Its graduates are granted the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and are eligible for admission to the Nurse Licensure Examination.

In the 1970s, the College of Nursing was located at Del Pilar Building, del Pilar Street, Cabanatuan City. But when its population expanded, it was moved to the Cushman Campus, a site more suitable for learning with its verdant atmosphere. Today, the College of Nursing and its studentry enjoy the wholesome ambiance of camaraderie with students from other colleges.

Wesleyan University-Philippines College of Nursing is known for its quality education as reflected by its passing rates in the board examinations, percentage of passing, and the inclusion of some of its graduates in the top twenty. The college was acclaimed as one of the best schools outside Metro Manila.

The quality of instruction can be attributed to the qualifications of its administration and faculty. Today, the college is currently undergoing the process of continual advancement of its curricular offerings/programs/services as it attained the Level III accredited status from the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities Accrediting Agency, Inc. (ACSCU-AAI). It continuously develops its faculty members through seminars, trainings, case presentations, graduate studies and various linkages. All of the faculty members of the College of Nursing are holders of Master’s Degree and some are already on the verge of finishing their Doctorate Degrees.

The college has also merged with the College of Allied Medical Sciences in order to keep up with the global health trends and meet the increasing demands for healthcare providers such as Medical Technologists, Physical Therapists, Radiologic Technologists, Pharmacy, and Midwifery. Upon the completion of the preparatory course, graduates of these courses are equipped with appropriate skills to function as healthcare providers either in the hospital or community setting.

Truly, the College of Nursing and Allied Medical Sciences (CONAMS) is at par as a higher Educational Institution north of Manila. It continually strives to advance its program offerings as it prepares for the global community. CONAMS is dedicated to deliver quality, responsive and excellent education to live to University call – “Building People, Making a Difference” in the healthcare profession.


The Topnotchers


Donna Relucio

6th place, BSN ‘78

Domingo Tan Lim

6th place, BSN’83

Nenita Manayao

10th place, BSN’83

Henrietta Torralba

11th place, BSN’86

Carlos Altoneros

18th place, BSN’91

Corazon Agno

18th place, BSN’91

Aileen Florangue

18th place, BSN’92

Maricar Lacanilao

10th place, BSN’92

Ronald Allan Lina

12th place, BSN’92

Francis Fernando

11th place, BSN’95

Anna Luna Montiel

13th place, BSN’03

Rocky Ann Pedro

6th place, BSN’06

April Joy Galicia

10th place, BSN’10

Joshua Gaetos

11th place BSN’11

Harlene Danielle Villamin

3rd place Associate in Radiologic Technology ‘12

Kristine Mababa

2nd place Midwifery ‘12

Paul Erick Del Rosario

9th place Associate in Radiologic Technology ‘14

Edison Manalo

3rd place Associate in Radiologic Technology ‘14

Camille Cruz

10th place BSN’14

Geastyne Lauren Nolido

2nd place BSN’14

Ma. Paola Esposo

10th place BSN’15

Patrick Kyle Ignacio

5th place Associate in Radiologic Technology ‘15

Ramon Balintag, Jr

2nd place Associate in Radiologic Technology ‘15

Mameth Pajarillaga

2nd place Associate in Radiologic Technology ‘15

Joyce Hilado

1st place, Associate in Radiologic Technology ‘15