Office for Alumni Affairs

The Office for Alumni Affairs (OAA) is the Administration’s arm responsible for the development, planning and implementation of programs and projects to which the alumni will be participative and provide tangible benefits to the alumni themselves, the University, current students and to the community as well. The office also serves as the coordinating body between the administration, the WUP Alumni Association and the different alumni chapters, clusters and groups.

The OAA is tasked with a three-fold mandate – to be of service to the alumni, the community and the University.

To the Alumni

To further its vision on societal transformation, the University maintains its commitment to the graduates by way of providing scholarship to the alumni and their children. The OAA makes necessary coordination that can provide the graduates opportunities for professional enhancement, career advancement, and job placement.

To the Community

The OAA collaborates with the different departments and offices in the University to come up with programs and projects which will benefit the less fortunate in the community; alumni are invited to join such activities. Participation of graduating students is encouraged so as to orient them and become acquainted with the activities of the alumni.

To the University

The OAA is in-charge with securing commitment from alumni in supporting the institutional development plans of the University. The OAA encourages the alumni to be supportive of their Alma Mater through provision of their professional expertise, voluntary services and/or logistic support.


An effective coordinating office that serves as a strong connection between the University and the alumni.


To promote programs and projects that will support the alumni in their chosen field of endeavor and encourage them to remain participative in the University’s commitment to social transformation.


The OAA aims:

  1. to establish a strong connection and interconnectedness with and among alumni in the local, national and international areas;
  2. to develop programs and projects geared towards professional enhancement and personality development  for the graduates;
  3. to encourage and secure commitment from alumni to provide professional expertise, volunteer services and/or logistic support to the University’s programs and projects for graduates and current students and the community as well;
  4. to assist graduates in seeking job opportunities in local, national and international markets; and,
  5. to establish linkages with alumni, industries and establishments through sharing of resources and facilities for mutual growth and development.