President Duterte’s Adviser and Consultant in Education Speaks at WU-P

Prof. Jose David Lapuz, the Adviser and Consultant of President Rodrigo Duterte in Education in the Philippines, spoke before a throng of students, faculty and staff members and academic officials of Wesleyan University – Philippines, Cabanatuan City last September 19, 2016 at the University gymnasium. Hon. Pacifico B. Aniag, University President, and Dr. Estrella C. Buenaventura, Vice President for Academic Affairs, also graced the event which highlighted the “Issues and Challenges for Higher Education in the 21st Century” and was organized by the Director of Human Resource Development Department, Prof. Junard C. Benitez.

Introduced by Dr. Buenaventura, Prof. Lapuz is internationally renowned in the various fields, particularly in international relations and political science. He is a member-commissioner of the UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines on the Committee of Social and Human Sciences, and is a member of the UNESCO Advisory Committee on Human Rights and Poverty based in Paris. He had attended national and international conferences on different disciplines, and lectured on the many studies about international relations and politics. He has served the Philippine government being a consultant in education, international affairs, global politics, foreign policies, moral and humanitarian issues especially during the time of then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who also appointed him as commissioner/board member of the National Historical Institute that promotes Philippine history and cultural heritage.

He was a member of the Philippine delegation to the special Non-Aligned Movement meeting on interfaith dialogue and cooperation for peace and development which was attended by foreign ministers of 118 member-states. In year 2010, he was appointed by Pres. Gloria Arroyo as member of the board of trustees of the National Museum of the Philippines. During the same year, he was the delegate and representative of the Philippines in the international human rights organizations in Geneva for the 44th Annual Session of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Prof. Lapuz is an epitome of services and achievements, an esteemed friend of WU-P late University President Dr. Gloria D. Lacson, and a Knight Grand Cross of Rizal which is the highest and greatest rank of the Knights of Rizal.

In response to the issues and challenges, Hon. Aniag cited many instances and writings by Prof. Lapuz which support claims on Lapuz’s many highlights in his career as an academician, lecturer, professor, speaker, writer and consultant specifically in the sector of education.

Before the event was wrapped up at noon break, Prof. Lapuz gave responses to the two questions posed by one College and one Grade 11 students clarifying concerns on the students who belong to the marginalized sector but are deserving, and on the importance of the implementation of the K to 12 program horizontally aligned with the curricula of other nations across the globe, respectively.

Prof. Lapuz Offers Flowers to the Bust of Dr. Lacson Before delivering his message on the “Issues and Challenges for Higher Education in the 21st Century,” Prof. Jose David Lapuz passed by the bust of Dr. Gloria D. Lacson, one of the late WU-P Presidents, at the first floor of the administration building and offered flowers. Interestingly, it was known that Prof. Lapuz was one of the esteemed friends of Dr. Lacson when she was still alive. Prof. Lapuz was accompanied by Pres. Pacifico Aniag, VPAA Estrella Buenaventura and other administrative and academic officials of the University. By: Allan B. Chavez