WU-P presents Webinar Series

WU-P presents Webinar Series

Wesleyan University-Philippines, through the Office of the President, launched the WU-P National Webinar Series on June 27, to inform new normal practices and strategies for teachers and administrators from various schools across the country, especially the UMC-affiliated schools.

A hundred educators from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao attended the back-to-back webinars on Online and Offline Modes of Teaching and Learning, conducted by WU-P’s Director of the Office of Instruction Prof. Katherine Sawi and WU-P’s Communications Officer Prof. April Umali Maca, respectively.

Prof. Nephtali M. Botor from UP Los Baños led the webinar on Providing Psychosocial Support for Families at the Period of COVID-19 Pandemic, while WUP’s Quality Assurance Director, Dr. Carissa Balaria discussed Providing Psychosocial Support for the Elderly.

Filipino-American poet, fiction writer, conceptual and visual artist, editor, anthologist, critic, and publisher Eileen Tabios presented an inspirational webinar on Poetry as a Critical Pedagogy for Expressing Social and Political Ideas.

One of the most invited lecturers on curriculum and flexible learning, curriculum expert Dr. Greg Tabios Pawilen delivered a lecture on Nurturing Children's Creativity Across the Curriculum to more than 1,200 participants.

Almost a thousand educators attended the webinar on Creative Techniques in Solving Word Problems in General Mathematics by the Dean of WU-P’s Graduate School, Dr. Gener Subia.

Upcoming webinars are:

  •            Nurturing Creativity through Flexible Learning in Higher Education with four breakout groups on Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching and Learning, Alignment of Learning Outcomes and Assessment, Values Integration Across the Curriculum, and Psychosocial Support for Higher Education with the Rev. Dr. Carmen Scheuerman (Dean of the Wesleyan Divinity School), Dr. John Mark Bondoc (Dean of the College of Education), Dr. Emmeline Arel (Dean of Basic Education), and Dr. Carissa Balaria (QA Director)
  •         Implementing Remote Learning in Basic Education with Dr. Greg Tabios Pawilen